Case Studies

Insights into some of the campaigns managed by Batten consultants:

Danks acquisition by Woolworths - Mid-size company acquired by large one, requiring unprecedented and extensive communications to customers, staff, suppliers and media as well as shareholders. Client anticipated a potentially negative reaction through fear of change. Adherence to clear and simple messages, comprehensive information distributed to all stakeholders from Day One, and thorough preparation of spokespeople resulted in a positive reception to the announcement, minimal disruption to the business and full acceptance of the offer by shareholders.

Tattersalls IPO* - Advised Board and senior management on demutualisation and IPO, involving complex issues with Tattersall’s beneficiaries and communications with employees, newsagents and consumers as well as the more traditional share investors. Issues were effectively managed with minimal disruption to IPO, which was heavily over-subscribed.

NAB acquisition of MLC* - With only 12 days to prepare, the announcement of this $3.4 billion takeover involved a massive logistics exercise covering wide range of stakeholders. Simple messages (“best house in the street”), an extensive but tightly managed announcement schedule, and well rehearsed spokespeople ensured that a potentially difficult announcement was extremely well received by the market.

National Mutual IPO** - The challenge was to convince 400,000 life insurance policyholders to send in a form to accept shares rather than do nothing and receive cash, yet many had never dealt in shares before. Communication strategy of (1) positioning National Mutual as a company for the people, (2) educating policyholders on the sharemarket and (3) using life insurance agents as conduits to policyholders resulted in a highly innovative and successful campaign.


* Directed by Suzie Batten as Director, Hinton & Associates
** Directed by Suzie Batten as Financial Communications Manager, Burston Marsteller